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Gwave is now hosted on sourceforge; versions on my personal sites may not be up to date. The 2009* releases so far primarily add stability improvements over the previous release. Additional updates, build-system fixes, and documentation/web-site improvements are still planned. Potential collaborators are definitely welcome to contact me here or at home.


Gwave is a tool for viewing analog data, such as the output of Spice simulations.

Gwave can read "raw" files from spice2G6, spice3F5 or ngspice, and a tabular ASCII format suitable for use with GnuCAP or homegrown tools. It can also read several binary and ascii files written by commercial spice-type simulators such as hspice, tspice, and nanosim.

It supports multiple "panels" (graticules) with multiple variables displayed in each. Two vertical-bar cursors are available for time-difference measurements. Multiple files can be loaded, for comparing results of several simulations.

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Gwave in action

Primary development Branch

On sourceforge, Subversion branch guile-gnome-platform-branch is the source for the current gwave2 package and the 20090124 release. This branch is where new development is taking place. The older codebase is also still available in svn.


Gwave source can be downloaded from the Sourceforge download page for gwave Previous versions can be obtained from old download sites including:


Snapshot history



In order to compile the stable guile-gnome-platform version of gwave, you'll need the following:

Related and Optional Software

Optionally, GNU Plotutils, version 2.4 or later, can be used for printing/ploting from gwave.


Gwave is distributed under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License.
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